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Therapy Centre

1. Diet

At Barnswallows Swift Academy we rely heavily on dietary intervention, and do not initiate therapies unless the learner has had a Health Assessment done by our Nutritional Therapist, with accompanying diet changes and supplementation.  We work together with the main caregiver/s to ensure that the immediate and extended family members are acquainted with our protocol and are motivated to help the learner to accomplish the goals of recovery.  

2. Frequency therapy

After the Health Assessment, a SCIO session is done, which gives an indication of the imbalances in the body, i.e. organs, minerals, neurotransmitters, etc.  This is done in conjunction with the dietary changes.  Children are often put onto the Specific Carbohydrate Diet protocol, and/or the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet according to the research by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride.

3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We have our own Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber where learners from Swift Academy as well as from outside the Academy and anyone with a history of stroke, ADHD, cancer, Autism, etc is treated with great success.

4. Chiropractic intervention

We often refer to Dr Lana who does amazing chiropractic adjustments on all our children. 

5. Neuro-feedback

Children with specific learning problems like ADHD benefit greatly from neuro-feedback.  We refer to therapists where necessary.

6. Auditory Integrative Training

AIT is done on site, where children listen to specially calibrated music according to the Berard method to overcome specific learning setbacks.


Swift Academy is a learning center where we believe in the benefits of toxin free living.  Toxins in the environment and in the food our children eat, are eliminated wherever possible to enable them to overcome learning barriers.




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