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Swift Academy

Swift Academy provides therapeutic intervention within a stimulating environment, designed to nurture the development of children with special needs and developmental delays – those with Autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, Fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.

We provide guidance and support to the families of these vulnerable children. For every child that enters Swift Academy’s doors, a personal developmental program is written after the child has been formally evaluated and assessed by our team of educational and developmental specialists.

Throughout the therapeutic process the child’s progress is continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that therapeutic intervention conducted is in direct response to the child’s ever changing abilities and competencies. Swift Academy, being a project of Barnswallows, shares a common belief in following a holistic approach when intervening in the lives of children with special needs. They are put onto a dairy-free/wheat-free diet, with specific supplements to enhance immunity and neuro-development, while being exposed to a range of therapeutic interventions.

Through these early interventions and with the support of the family, we see astonishing progress within limited time frames.



At Swift Academy we do an initial assessment with learners which focuses on developmental level, sensory problems, small and greater motor development and overall developmental fall outs. 


        1.  We focus strongly on diet which is our starting point with every child.  

        2.  Scio sessions are done regularly combined with the nutritional counseling sessions to ensure that our

             parents know how and where to start and continue on a diet specific for each child.

        3.  Play therapy sessions by trained and accredited play therapist/Filial coach are available spesifically for        

             children who are stressed, have gone through trauma and might battle with attention and focusing.

        4.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is provided to our kids as well as to the general public.


Our Team


René Testa (Head: Swift Academy)

René is the Founder of Barnswallows.  Swift Academy developed out of Barnswallows after 8 years of extensively working with children with special needs.

Her experience covers many years of early childhood education (Post-graduate Pre-Primary Ed), Christian Counseling in fulltime ministry (MTh (Practical Theology), coupled with qualifications in Psychology (Honnours level) and Nutrition.

As a Lifestyle Consultant for The Natural Way (Mary-Ann Shearer) and nutritional therapist, she consults regularly with parents of children with eating problems, ADHD and other developmental delays. She is regularly invited to address parents and teachers at schools who want to make the changeover to healthy living.

She is passionate about building a new society through intervention into the lives of less fortunate and vulnerable children.