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Kombi                                          Transport of special needs pre-schoolers

Therapy centre                           Wooden pigeonhole bookcases from www.hedcor.co.za; equipment from

                                                   Fizique.  Outside therapy equipment.  Please contact us for list of products.

Printer paper                              A4                        

Printing                                       Printing of curriculum and school materials on regular basis



                                                    Glue sticks

                                                    Good quality crayons/pencils/kokis/gel pens

                                                    Laminating pouches A4 and A3



Wooden toys                               Wooden toys for pretend play:  kitchen, stove, autobahn etc          


Consumables                               White toilet paper, white paper towels, sugar, coffee, rooibos tea – for on-site personnel 



Supplements                              We urgently need specific supplements (pro-biotics, digestive enzymes, 

                                                   Vit C, Extra virgin coconut oil, colloidal silver, CaMg powder, etc. from specific suppliers –

                                                   please contact us) to be sponsored for less fortunate kids                                        

Classroom equipment                Art supplies, wooden puzzles, cardboard and white paper, sound system,

                                                   cordless earphones, soft play equipment, lava lamp, fancy dress cupboard and clothes. 

Outside play area                      Water/sand table, strong/wooden jungle gym, swingball, scooters/bikes

Toxicologist                               We need the expertise of a toxicologist to do a live blood analysis of our babies.



Sponsor-a-worker:                  Every R100 counts.  Please consider donating R100 per month to contribute to

                                                 salaries of our staff.  R9000.00 per month per fulltime on site helper; cleaner

                                                 R3500.00 p.m; gardener R2500.00 p.m.


Special needs teacher             Salary R15 000.00 p.m. Classroom assistant R8 000.00

                                                 Therapist R10 000; office assistant R8000.00


Please see where you can assist us in making a success of our projects.


René Testa  

Work: 011 475-2318    Mobile:   0828519386   


                                                                                BANKING DETAILS


                                     Barnswallows Home for the Abandoned

                                        FNB Clearwater

                                    Acc number:  62379559027

                                     Branch code:  251141

                                    Swift Code:  FIRNZAJJ




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